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Safeguarding information while travelling

Posted on 23/09/16 by Sean
Information is the lifeblood of any organisation, and our not-for-profit organisations often deal with very sensitive personal information. Irrespective of whether you are intending to work around the corner at your preferred coffee shop, in an airport lounge while waiting to catch a domestic flight, about to embark on overseas travel or to attend a conference, there are common requirements when information is being used outside of the regular office environment.

Calxa hits $1million mark for donations, pledges $1 million more

Posted on 01/12/15 by Mathan Allington
On 1 December 2015 (#GivingTuesday), TechSoup NZ partner and budgeting and cashflow forecasting software company, Calxa, pledges to donate $1million of software to not-for-profit organisations, having just hit the milestone of fulfilling its’ first $1million pledge in donations this week.

Industry benchmarks: IT spend, client satisfaction, service deliverability, and managed services cost

Posted on 10/11/15 by R&G Technologies
Are you a non-technical IT contact tasked with managing your IT provider? In this article, we’ll share some industry benchmarks so you can see how your IT provider compares with other IT providers.

How to Build An Effective Relationship With Your IT Partner

Posted on 29/09/15 by R&G Technologies
Are you striving to build a strong, professional relationship with your IT partner?
Managing IT Relationships

How to manage your IT responsibilities with no technical background

Posted on 14/08/15 by R&G Technologies
Are you tasked with managing the relationship with your outsourced IT provider, but lack an IT background? Maybe you are a finance or office manager who is in control of all support services. If yes, read on.
Windows 10

Get Windows 10 for Your Organisation

Posted on 30/07/15 by Mathan Allington
Windows 10 is here! For many organisations, the upgrade is free. Learn how to upgrade your systems.
Windows 10

What's New in Windows 10

Posted on 30/07/15 by Mathan Allington
Learn about top new features in Microsoft's latest operating system
Update your computers in 2015 with donated and discounted computers and software for charities

Happy New Year!

Posted on 08/01/15 by Ryan Jones
Welcome to 2015, and welcome back if you managed to take some time off over the Christmas and New Year period. Now is a great time to get your IT in order for the new year, make sure you're up to date, secure and reliable.

Coming soon: Find trusted IT suppliers supporting community organisations

Posted on 23/09/14 by Ben Teoh
You help other community organisations find trusted IT suppliers. Here's how you can be a part of our next big project.

Google for Nonprofits programme launches in New Zealand

Posted on 26/08/14 by Ben Teoh
Great news! New Zealand charities are now able to join the Google for Nonprofits programme for free access to a number of Google’s paid products, tools and nonprofit services. These include: