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Online Course: Social Media Bootcamp (Apr/May 2017)

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
20 Apr 2017 to 25 May 2017 |

The Social Media Bootcamp is an opportunity for you to delve into the world of social media and to set up the platforms, structures and processes to make it successful in your organisation.

Price: $225 ($180 for Premium Members)

Webinar: How to recruit for cultural fit

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
23 May 2017 |

We are all too aware of the direct costs of a ‘bad’ recruitment decision. After all, it is likely to be the biggest capital expense that you are delegated to authorise. Getting this wrong can severely affect your leadership brand, not to mention any ongoing indirect costs of the fallout. Can you or your organisation afford to get it wrong…again?

Price: $25 ($20 for Premium Members)

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