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TechSoup New Zealand will be closed from Friday 26th of May 2017 7:30 pm until late Sunday 28th of May 2017 due to a website upgrade. Registration, validation services and donation and discount requests will be unavailable during this time. If you have any concerns, please contact Customer Support at or 09 8870 291.

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Office 365 Implementation Considerations (Webinar)

Microsoft Office 365 in the Cloud offers many not-for-profits significant benefits. This presentation gives an overview of the features of Office 365, explores the benefits other organisations have gained from making the move to the Cloud and identify factors that organisations should consider when planning the move to Office 365.

Moving to the Cloud vs. local infrastructure (Webinar)

With the recent growth of cloud based and online systems, many community organisations are weighing up their options for moving to the cloud or continuing to rely on local server infrastructure. This webinar will help small and medium community organisations to assess the suitability of cloud based systems and determine what local infrastructure may still be required.

Here's Why You Need to be Sending Out an Enews

An electronic newsletter, better known as an enews, is a robust marketing tool, for almost all types of organisations – even if you’re in the not for profit space. It’s a great way to keep your community members engaged with everything you are doing and keep you at the front of their mind when you callout for donations or do your next membership drive. People who sign up to your enewsletter are called subscribers and they can consist of community members that you are already connected to, people on your database or new people that are interested in learning more about your organisation. Quite often someone will go from being merely a subscriber to someone actively engaged in your community.

Maximising Your Use of Office 365 (Webinar)

Office 365 is a flexible tool that includes a suite of application that can be configured and used very differently for each organisation. This webinar will explore the various applications of Office 365 and considerations for what components are suitable for each purpose and their benefits based on the experience of other not for profit organisations. This webinar is designed for organisations that are currently using or in the process of implementing Office 365.

Safeguarding information while travelling

Information is the lifeblood of any organisation, and our not-for-profit organisations often deal with very sensitive personal information. Irrespective of whether you are intending to work around the corner at your preferred coffee shop, in an airport lounge while waiting to catch a domestic flight, about to embark on overseas travel or to attend a conference, there are common requirements when information is being used outside of the regular office environment.

Introduction to SharePoint (Webinar)

As part of the Office 365 subscription, not-for-profits are able to use Microsoft’s SharePoint Online collaboration platform for free. Often synonymous with Intranets, SharePoint is a powerful and diverse tool that can provide many collaboration, communication and process improvements to your organisation.

Preventing a Data Disaster (Webinar)

This free webinar will cover an introduction to security disciplines, policies and tools to make sure your organisation avoids having a data disaster. With ever-increasing privacy concerns and requirements for NFP's, it is imperative your organisation is compliant and prepared.