New Eligibility Guidelines - your NFP might qualify for Donations & Discounts

Big news for New Zealand not-for-profits  - you might be eligible for the Donations & Discounts program!

As part of the TechSoup Global Network, TechSoup New Zealand's mission is to empower charities and not-for-profit organisations with the technology they need at affordable prices.

Eligibility for the TechSoup New Zealand Donations & Discounts program is based on guidelines set by the TechSoup Global Network and is based on what your organisation does - the kind of activities you do and the impact you have on the people in your communities.

In New Zealand, up to this point participation in the program has been restricted only to those organisations registered with Charities Services. But we are very happy to announce that new eligibility guidelines have been put in place to significantly widen the types of organisations we can accept into the program.

In short:


New Zealand not-for-profits that are not registered with Charities Services may now be eligible for the TechSoup New Zealand Donations & Discounts program.


What does this mean for your organisation? It means that you may be able to access donated and discounted technology such as Microsoft, Adobe, refurbished computers, and many other goods and services, at significantly less cost than what you currently have to pay.

  • You can spend less time and money on IT and more on developing your organisation's efficiency.
  • You can obtain software tools to increase your productivity, decrease your admin workload, and free up your time to spend helping the people who need you.
  • You can upskill your organisation in fundraising, grant-seeking, governance, and others to increase your organisation's impact on society.


How can you get qualified? TechSoup New Zealand still needs to assess your organisation against eligibility criteria.


If you have not registered with TechSoup New Zealand, create an account and follow the prompts.

If you have created an account but have not yet registered your organisation, log into your account and click "register today".

If you have created an account and registered your organisation but were not qualified in the past, contact our Customer Support team to see if you can qualify now.