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Customer Service Week - October 3-7

Posted on 07/10/16 by Mathan Allington
This week at TechSoup New Zealand we celebrated our amazing Customer Support team, who help the not-for-profit community across Australia and New Zealand via phone, email, social media and in-person at events. Click below for a few photos and profiles of our amazing team and celebrations, and feel free to leave any appreciative comments below the post.

Microsoft Azure credits now available to eligible not-for-profit organisations

Posted on 29/09/16 by Mathan Allington
Microsoft Philanthropies have this week announced they are making Microsoft Azure available to eligible not-for-profit organisations with an offer of USD$5,000 in credits per year.

Safeguarding information while travelling

Posted on 23/09/16 by Sean
Information is the lifeblood of any organisation, and our not-for-profit organisations often deal with very sensitive personal information. Irrespective of whether you are intending to work around the corner at your preferred coffee shop, in an airport lounge while waiting to catch a domestic flight, about to embark on overseas travel or to attend a conference, there are common requirements when information is being used outside of the regular office environment.

Free IT advice for Auckland not-for-profits

Posted on 19/09/16 by Mathan Allington

New Zealand Federation of Disability Information Centres Conference: A Retrospective

Posted on 18/08/16 by Sean
TechSoup New Zealand attended and presented at the 2016 New Zealand Federation of Disability Information Centres (NZFDIC) Conference in Queenstown, to understand the significant changes to the New Zealand disability sector and the implications for disability focused organisations; and to inform delegates on the importance of adopting new technologies amidst these changes, and how TechSoup New Zealand can assist these organisations moving forward.

TechSoup New Zealand attends Relate Live by Zendesk

Posted on 18/08/16 by Sean
TechSoup New Zealand recently attended the Relate Live by Zendesk conference in Sydney, a two-day event designed to help businesses and entrepreneurs explore the complicated nature of relationships.

Recent storms show the importance of cloud technology

Posted on 08/06/16 by Sean
The recent outages of major banking, streaming and food ordering services caused by storms in New South Wales demonstrate how vital it is for organisations to have good IT infrastructure and information backed up on the cloud in various locations.

Join the 2016 Digital Storytelling Challenge

Posted on 15/04/16 by Sean
Submit your story for a chance to win up to $7,000 in cash prizes and a new camera!

National Not-for-profit Technology Survey

Posted on 07/03/16 by Sean
TechSoup New Zealand and Infoxchange are proud to bring you the 2016 National Not-For-Profit Technology Survey

GST changes from 1st March 2016

Posted on 19/02/16 by Mathan Allington
TechSoup New Zealand will start charging GST on all products and services from 1st March 2016.


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