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What is my organisations annual operating budget?

Your annual operating budget is the amount it costs your
organisation to operate for the year. It represents the annual expenses reported in your
last financial year audited financial report which includes wages, utilities, rent,
insurance, travel etc.

Your declared annual operating budget should not include:

How secure is my information?

All of your information is encrypted to ensure privacy. Our servers are
located in a secure facility and are protected by a sophisticated

Why do you charge administration fees?

TechSoup New Zealand charges administrative fees for the products we offer in an effort to partially subsidise our donation programs.

The fees typically represent a small percentage of the original retail
price of the product. They vary program by program, and are determined
based on a number of factors:

* The amount of work involved in launching the program
* The amount of work involved in qualifying and processing organisations' requests for products on an ongoing basis
* The expected volume of requests

Who is TechSoup New Zealand

The TechSoup New Zealand Program is provided by Australian non-profit Community
Information Strategies Australia Inc.(CISA), now trading as Connecting
Up Australia
in partnership with the US nonprofit organisation
TechSoup. This global partnership for technology donations involves
companies such as Microsoft and Symantec and with more companies to come.

Does TechSoup New Zealand provide technical support for products obtained through the donations program?

No. TechSoup New Zealand facilitates the order process so that your media is
received in a timely manner. If you require troubleshooting for
technical problems you encounter once your media has been installed:

For Microsoft products please visit or alternatively call Microsoft Support on 0800 800 004.

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