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Hello - please be advised that Customer Support is unavailable on Friday 15th December via phone or email due to our end-of-year celebration lunch.

Please send emails to and we will respond as soon as we can.

For emergencies, you can call CEO Anne Gawen on +61 417 866 014.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused!



Why haven't I received all the products I ordered?

Shipments do not always arrive in one package.

You can check maximum order delivery times for specific donor and discount partners here.

What can I do if I still have a question about my order?

First, login to TechSoup New Zealand, then click 'Order Status' under 'Manage My
Account'. You will see a list of the orders you have placed. Click the
order number to view the status of a particular order. If you still
have questions contact us.

What products should I order

We are unable to provide advice on the products that may be suitable for
your organisation however we do have a lot of free information and
advice available on our ICT Resources page and the TechSoup site (our partner in the US).

Can I order by phone?

No, TechSoup New Zealand is an online ordering system. If you have any queries
please remember that TechSoup New Zealand operates with limited staff and is not
equipped to receive a large volume of phone calls. Your cooperation
helps us to keep administrative fees as low as possible. If after
reading through our Help and Support section you still need to call, please contacts us

The product I would like to request is listed as "out of stock" or "temporarily out of stock." When will it be back in stock?

At TechSoup New Zealand, we rely on the generosity of our vendors; all products are
subject to availability which is why we cannot guarantee when a product
may become available again or if indeed it will be available again. You
will find the most current listings of product
offerings on our site. 

Can you ship outside New Zealand?

No, however if you do wish to procure software from some of our partners
that will be used overseas you may be able to obtain it via TechSoup New Zealand if
you have a registered office in New Zealand.

Australian based organisations can access a similar program at

For programs in other countries visit TechSoup Global

Can I find out what my organisation has already ordered?

Yes. You will need to login to your TechSoup New Zealand account then click on 'My orders'. You will see a list of the orders you have placed on TechSoup New Zealand.
Click on an order number to view details.

If you are a multiple branch qualified organisation, you will need to
login to each branch account you have with TechSoup New Zealand then repeat the
process outlined above.

Can I cancel an order that has been placed?

No. If you have placed an order through TechSoup New Zealand whether it remains unpaid or paid and you wish to cancel it please contact us with the reason for why you wish to cancel it.

Please be sure to include your organisation name and Transaction ID with your request.

I want to order from multiple partners

You will need to place separate orders for each partner. Each of our
donor and discount partners have order limitations, please see the page
of the partner you are interested in.