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Hello - please be advised that Customer Support is unavailable on Friday 15th December via phone or email due to our end-of-year celebration lunch.

Please send emails to and we will respond as soon as we can.

For emergencies, you can call CEO Anne Gawen on +61 417 866 014.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused!



How long can we wait to pay after placing an order ?

At TechSoup New Zealand our product catalogue is constantly being updated so we can
offer you the latest products at the best prices and we are always glad
to assist you with your software and hardware donations. We pride
ourselves on prompt and efficient service but cannot fill an order that
has not been paid. To ensure your order is filled in the fastest
possible time and the products you have ordered are still being offered
via our Program we must remove un-processed orders after a 2 month

Why PayPal?

Paypal would have to be one of the most respected and widely used
online banking facilities in the world. In making our decision
regarding the payment facility we would use your security was our most
important concern so widely respected Paypal was an obvious choice.
Furthermore Paypal is one of the only merchant systems that can accept
both credit card and direct deposit payments. For more information
visit the PayPal website.

My order is pending, can I still pay online?

Yes. Follow the steps below to pay by credit card.

1. Log in to your TechSoup New Zealand account

2. Click on "My orders"

3. Click on "Make payment "

4. Select credit card/PayPal and click on continue

5. PayPal page will then display with options to complete credit card payment or login in to your PayPal account

6. Follow the prompts to complete credit card payment

Refund and returns policy

Software order return guidelines 

When your shipment arrives, before opening the manufacturer packaging,
please examine the contents of the box to make sure your order has been
fulfilled correctly. If you have any questions about the items in your
shipment, or if there is a problem with your order, please contact us at

What payment methods are acceptable and how do I pay?

The only way to pay for items is using Paypal / credit card or cheque.

Please see below the process for paying by credit card.

Administration fees explained

There are administrative fees charged for the products we offer in an effort to partially subsidise our donation programs.

The fees typically represent a small percentage of the original retail price of the product. They vary program by program, and are determined based on a number of factors: