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Calxa Discount Program

As the leading provider of budgeting software to nonprofits in New Zealand, Calxa simplifies budget and cashflow forecasting. Calxa software allows you to quickly and easily view, understand and present your financial information. Not only will Calxa make managing your finances easier, it will provide you the tools to create animated, professional and intuitive financial reports.

Calxa acknowledges the special and important role that nonprofits have in our community and as part of its contribution to the sector is providing donated and discounted Calxa Premier licenses, the leading software assisting nonprofits with budget reporting, to eligible organisations.

Calxa Premier has proved itself a time-saving tool for many organisations with its integration to accounting systems (such as MYOB AccountRight) and its structured but flexible reporting system. Budget reporting is an essential management tool for all nonprofits. It provides transparency to donors and grant-providers as well as control to board members. Traditionally it's been a very labour-intensive process with many small organisations spending days each month preparing reports. Calxa Premier changes that process by taking time out of the process of creating budgets and out of managing them on a month to month basis.

Click here to learn more about the relationship between TechSoup New Zealand and Calxa.

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