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Ushahidi has been in business for eight years. We developed Ushahidi, which translates to "testimony" in Swahili, to map reports of violence in Kenya after the post-election violence there. Since then, thousands have used our crowdsourcing tools to raise their voice. We're a technology leader in Africa, headquartered in Nairobi, with a global team. Compared to our competitors, our software is open source, focused on working across channels like SMS, and covers the full data pipeline, from collection to response to visualization. Our products are in use in more than 159 countries and more than 45 local languages. 

Ushahidi website

The Ushahidi donation program at TechSoup New Zealand provides crowd sourcing and data management software to eligible nonprofit organisations and public libraries throughout Australia.

You can use Ushahidi to crowdsource reports on crises, monitor elections, and advocate for human rights issues by collecting information via multiple channels.


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